Diane Rutkofske to offer new embroidered 50th Anniversary PHCC logo shirts for 2019!


Diane Rutkofske, obviously Lon’s talented, better half, is quick to get on the 50th anniversary bandwagon with a special deal! She plans to offer interested PHCC members embroidered polo shirts with a new 50th anniversary logo for the coming year. You have probably seen some of her wonderful work on shirts worn by many members of our club, and we already have orders from Avery Jones,  Bill Wingrove,  Noel Bedy, and of course, Lon for this 2019 version.

The embroidery fee will be around $15 (…less than the going market rate for embroidered designs.), but  if Diane can purchase appropriate, quality polo shirts ( long or short sleeve) in a variety colors at a reasonable rate ($15-$20)that will of course be added to the total purchase price.  Shown below is the new logo design, but with the new version thread colors may vary, dependent on the color of the shirt (See choices below.)! Let Lon know if you are interested in ordering a shirt!



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