The Port Huron Chess Club meets Thursdays, except holidays, from 6:30-10:00 PM, at Palmer Park Recreation Center, 2829 Armour Street, (NE corner of Garfield  Street and Gratiot Aveā€¦1 mile North of the Blue Water Bridge) Port Huron, Michigan. Everyone is welcome. Founded in 1969 the PHCC offers instruction, casual play, nationally rated and locally related tournaments. Membership is not required to play on Thursdays, but is required for tournament play. Membership fees are $20/yr for adults; $10/yr for those under 19. The PHCC publishes a monthly newsletter, Chess Chatter, which is available on its website, or directly by contacting Lon Rutkofske at 810-388-9219. Learn to play, improve your game, or just come in to enjoy the camaraderie. The club has a number of highly rated players including two state champions if you might be interested in serious play or even private lessons. All equipment provided. Website: 

2829 Armour Street
Port Huron, Michigan 48060

Petrosian Christmas Event

Scheduled for December 15th






Check December 2016 Chess

Chatter or Events Section

 for Details

With the new year right around the corner it is once again time to plan for the 2017 PHCC Championships. This year's format, based on entries will be a round robin if there are less than 9 players, or a 7- Round Swiss System tournament if there are more entrants. While a round-robin is preferable, the Swiss System permits a more inclusive field, and adjustments will be made accordingly. Because this year's tournament will once again be a "pay to play" event, USCF and PHCC memberships are required. Additionally, all entries will be by pre-registration only, so plan accordingly. Changes and details to the tournament will be emailed prior to January 12th ,  with January 5th being the registration cutoff deadline.
I am in the process of preparing the December issue of Chess Chatter and want to include details regarding the 2017 PHCC Championships, but I need to know how many are interested in participating. Right now I am looking to have the tournament  during the tentative window of January 12 - March 16th....but format will be based on entries.  My choice is for a round robin format, but if we have an overwhelming turnout, I may have to change that plan, mostly  because I need to allow for makeup dates due to weather!. You can find the details regarding last year's event on our website and look up the December 2015 issue for specifics.
I am asking you to contact me as soon as possible so I can get an idea of how many wish to participate by  Chess Chatter's tentative publication date and website posting date of December 22, 2016.

Morabito captures 2nd Turkey Gobbler

Tournament Crown

in 17th Annual Duncan Fete!

At the 11th hour (In this case the 10 O'clock hour because the club closes then...) Matt Morabito vaulted passed a pair of rivals to notch his second Turkey Gobbler's title by solving one of the two-move problems cleverly crafted by Kenneth Howard one of America's premier chess problem composers!  This "fun type" tourney created by club Co-Founder Bob Duncan designed with the "wacky factor"  typical of Bob, featuring a variety of different types of chess challenges centering around effectively creating an artificially level playing field through rating  handicaps,  random playing assignments and radically constructed tournament events.                                                                             Using PHCC Speed tournament ratings, TD Lon Rutkofske attempted to keep the event on time, but time constraints forced a reduction of the planned 3 round G/10 Random draw segment of the tilt to but a single contest.                                                                   Since the tournament was handicapped in a number of unconventional ways, this was an unrated event, but performance ratings were projected for the Handicapped Blitz segment, with surprising results as Chuck Heinrich blew everyone out of the water by a full point and a half score and an 1855 performance rating...not bad for being the lowest rated contestant!!In general, most took the event in stride as good natured fun and everyone managed to score a point or two. Here is hoping that everyone enjoys a wonderful Thanksgiving and we give thanks for Bob Duncan's persistence in providing a host of challenging experiences for members of the PHCC!

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 Annual Dues for 2016:

Adult: $20.00; Under 19: $10


Lon Rutkofske   810-388-9219

Alan Gregg    810-679-3081 


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