Events for 2018

Calendar of Events: Note the change for the First Thursday of Each Month.

First Thursday of Each Month - Chess Clinics– 6:30 to 7:00 PM - $7.50 per person. From 7:00 until 10:00. Players wishing to play Challenge matches with longer time controls of G/60 with 5 sec delay can choose to play match games if they so desire. Participants will be required to follow the rules and regulations for Challenge Play (As outlined in Chess Chatter, our website under "Club Member Ratings Lists", or  posted at the club.) and colors will be selected by lot.  PHCC club ratings will be used. Players should turn their game scores into Lon, so he can adjust ratings appropriately and showcase the games in Chess Chatter

                                     2018 Events Schedule:

Jan 11 - Mar 8            PHCC Championships - See Chess Chatter for Details

Check the April 2017  Issue of Chess Chatter for a complete listing of 2018 Events/Tournaments

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