The Port Huron Chess Club meets Thursdays, except holidays, from 6:30-10:00 PM, at Palmer Park Recreation Center, 2829 Armour Street, (NE corner of Garfield  Street and Gratiot Ave…1 mile North of the Blue Water Bridge) Port Huron, Michigan. Everyone is welcome. Founded in 1969 the PHCC offers instruction, casual play, nationally rated and locally related tournaments. Membership is not required to play on Thursdays, but is required for tournament play. Membership fees are $20/yr for adults; $10/yr for those under 19. The PHCC publishes a monthly newsletter, Chess Chatter, which is available on its website, or directly by contacting Lon Rutkofske at 810-388-9219. Learn to play, improve your game, or just come in to enjoy the camaraderie. The club has a number of highly rated players including two state champions if you might be interested in serious play or even private lessons. All equipment provided. Website: 

2829 Armour Street
Port Huron, Michigan 48060

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 Finally, the PHCC reopened on May 13, 2021 in a resounding way, with 10 adults and a couple of youngsters in tow to boot!. The turnout was rather remarkable, given the fact that it was minus 6 club regulars! Operating under strict CDC and Port Huron Recreation Department guidelines, and our own Covid-19 procedures, the transition went smoothly and amicably, as Jay DeFoy, acting as our “official greeter” took charge to make those new to the club feel welcomed and comfortable once they had signed in. Below are the guidelines that were developed and approved to ensure that we can continue with OTB (Over the Board) play. 

PHCC procedures and protocols resulting from Covid-19 Pandemic effective 5-13-21

The following policies/procedures will be in place once the PHCC will begin meeting again at Palmer Park Recreation Center and continue until pandemic infection is on longer remains a threat as indicated by the CDC:

·         Entrance/Exit for regularly scheduled club meetings will be via the NW door of the recreation center, unless staff opens the main door for another event.

·         CDC approved face covering will be required of all members or visitors throughout the duration of their attendance during club events.

·         All members/guests are required to sign in via PH Recreation Department guidelines.

·         Tables /chairs will be arranged to meet the CDC guidelines for social distancing at a space at a minimum of 6 feet.  Only two chairs will be available per table for play. Observers must stand at least 6 ft. from each other and the table they are observing.

·         Washing of hands should take place between games and equipment and tables will be wiped down before and after each game and once again before equipment is stored for the evening. Antiseptic wipes will be provided at each table during play.

·         Refreshments provided by the club will be subject to provisions provided by the PH Recreation Department. ( Members or visitors may provide their own refreshments.)

·         All other Recreation department required policies, procedures and protocols will be enforced by officers/members of the club.

·         Policies, notifications or changes to any of the above mentioned information will posted on the club website,  in the club meeting room, and forwarded to all members via the club newsletter: “Chess Chatter”.


Over-the-board 2021 PHCC Championships rescheduled to begin play on June 10, 2021!!!

In an effort to ensure continuity and the importance of the over-the-board competition, the PHCC has moved its regularly scheduled Annual Club Championships from January to begin on June 10, 2021. Understanding that OTB chess offers considerable advantages over online play, fills the need for a consistent cycle of face to face competition, provides a preferred format which sets the standards for securing club titles, establishes secure oversight for creating equitable, fair competition, and permits participants opportunities to obtain official local, state and national rating designations under rigorous, uniform tournament conditions, this schedule modification provides the most logical progression for the renewal for the Port Huron Chess Club and of club chess in the Blue Water area.  Please take the time to review the “Calendar of Events Schedule for 2021” in this issue and on our website, and look for further details in the coming weeks, as Thursday, June 9, 2021 will be the cut off date for registrations!

Participants must demonstrate that they have been fully vaccinated!

See Rules of play on pdf below or on 2021 PHCC OTB Championship page:

May  2021

 Issue of

Chess Chatter Available in Chess

Chatter Section

See the latest Updates to 

 the EVENTS Section for the latest 

information on upcoming events for 2021!

 Annual Dues for 2021:

For those that have already paid

 their annual dues, we will be

 crediting your membership for

 the months that the recent 

pandemic has kept the PHCC 


For new or renewing memberships for 2021, dues will be :

Adult: $10.00 ; Under 19: $5


Lon Rutkofske   810-388-9219

Alan Gregg    email:


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