The Port Huron Chess Club meets Thursdays, except holidays, from 6:30-10:00 PM, at Palmer Park Recreation Center, 2829 Armour Street, (NE corner of Garfield  Street and Gratiot Ave…1 mile North of the Blue Water Bridge) Port Huron, Michigan. Everyone is welcome. Founded in 1969 the PHCC offers instruction, casual play, nationally rated and locally related tournaments. Membership is not required to play on Thursdays, but is required for tournament play. Membership fees are $20/yr for adults; $10/yr for those under 19. The PHCC publishes a monthly newsletter, Chess Chatter, which is available on its website, or directly by contacting Lon Rutkofske at 810-388-9219. Learn to play, improve your game, or just come in to enjoy the camaraderie. The club has a number of highly rated players including two state champions if you might be interested in serious play or even private lessons. All equipment provided. Website: 

2829 Armour Street
Port Huron, Michigan 48060

Rutkofske Wins 2018 PHCC Speed Championship Title

After dropping his queen along with the first game to Alan Gregg, Lon rattled off 9 consecutive victories to secure his 15th PHCC Speed Championship crown. In a rather ironic turnaround, it was Lon that suddenly became the fortunate beneficiary of several “gift pieces” from stunned opponents, the majority of which had him on the ropes in several instances.  Probably the most stunning pair of wins was claimed by Josh Muir, who took  two points from Alan Gregg, and received hardy congratulations from Lon. Alan muddled through the pack to claim the runner up position in the top section and Noel Bedy became the first ever PHCC Reserve Champion.

This was also the first USCF rated speed championship because all of the participants were active USCF members, four of which (except Avery and Alan) notched their first official blitz/quick rating.


New timeline for the 2019 PHCC Championships in the works for 50th anniversary celebration- Please note date changes. – RULES AND DETAILS WILL BE RELEASED WITH THE DECEMBER EDITION OF CHESS CHATTER, & on website now!

Tournament Director, Lon Rutkofske has been working with Port Huron Recreation Department supervisor, Amanda Dickinson to ring in the new year with a completely new calendar format to kick off the PHCC’s 50th anniversary celebration.

In an effort to resolve the typical concerns revolving around a winter schedule for the customary PHCC Championships beginning in January, this year’s plan aims to resolve this by hosting the event in a 5 round Swiss format, to be held on a single weekend beginning with the first round slated for 7:00pm. on Thursday, January 17th and  the final four rounds (two each day with rounds at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.) on January 19th and 20th. The entire tournament will be held at our Palmer Park site and conclude with the awards ceremony following the completion of the final round on January 20th. Amanda’s recommendation of reserving the following weekend (January 26-27) as a back-up is a testament to the continued willing support of the PH Recreation Department. 

Please note the following changes in procedures for entering and exiting the PHCC on Thursdays!!!

The Palmer Park Recreation building has installed a new security system that was activated effective May 31, 2018. Now, when the building is not in operation when our meeting begins, all members of the PHCC must enter and exit from the West side door of our meeting room. This will be unlocked and the security system deactivated for our regular club meetings.



Club leaders will ensure there are reminders posted on the front doors each evening we meet, to reinforce these new procedures so that we can remain a valued program for the Port Huron Recreation Department.

Diane Rutkofske to offer new embroidered 50th Anniversary PHCC logo shirts for 2019!

Diane Rutkofske, obviously Lon’s talented, better half, is quick to get on the 50th anniversary bandwagon with a special deal! She plans to offer interested PHCC members embroidered polo shirts with a new 50th anniversary logo for the coming year. You have probably seen some of her wonderful work on shirts worn by many members of our club, and we already have orders from Avery JonesBill Wingrove,  Noel Bedy, and of course, Lon for this 2019 version.

The embroidery fee will be around $15 (…less than the going market rate for embroidered designs.), but  if Diane can purchase appropriate, quality polo shirts ( long or short sleeve) in a variety colors at a reasonable rate ($15-$20)that will of course be added to the total purchase price.  Shown below is the new logo design, but with the new version thread colors may vary, dependent on the color of the shirt (See choices below.)! Let Lon know if you are interested in ordering a shirt!


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Lon Rutkofske   810-388-9219

Alan Gregg    810-679-3081 


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 Annual Dues for 2018:

Adult: $20.00; Under 19: $10

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