The Port Huron Chess Club meets Thursdays, except holidays, from 6:30-10:00 PM, at Palmer Park Recreation Center, 2829 Armour Street, (NE corner of Garfield  Street and Gratiot Ave…1 mile North of the Blue Water Bridge) Port Huron, Michigan. Everyone is welcome. Founded in 1969 the PHCC offers instruction, casual play, nationally rated and locally related tournaments. Membership is not required to play on Thursdays, but is required for tournament play. Membership fees are $20/yr for adults; $10/yr for those under 19. The PHCC publishes a monthly newsletter, Chess Chatter, which is available on its website, or directly by contacting Lon Rutkofske at 810-388-9219. Learn to play, improve your game, or just come in to enjoy the camaraderie. The club has a number of highly rated players including two state champions if you might be interested in serious play or even private lessons. All equipment provided. Website: 

2829 Armour Street
Port Huron, Michigan 48060

NEWS FLASH!!!  Avery Jones wins 2018 Michigan Reserve Championship!

Avery Jones posted an undefeated 6.5/7 score in winning the Reserve  section of the 2018 Michigan Open Championships held over Labor Day weekend in Cadillac,  Michigan. Jones, a long time member of the club and international chess enthusiast from Sarnia, Ontario made a decisive statement winning the section a full 1.5 points ahead of the field. Games, pictures and a full write up will appear in the October issue of Chess Chatter as well as MI Chess Magazine's Winter 2018 edition!

Rutkofske Cashes in on 2018 PHCC August


Lon Rutkofske completed an undefeated run, offering a draw to Avery Jones in the final round of the 2018 three week August Mini-Swiss, insuring a first place finish. This was a remarkable tournament in that the top two rated players dropped their first round games (Stu Wilkinson fell to a resurgent Bill Wingrove and Matt Morabito blundered his queen and the game to a less than sympathetic Noel Bedy – “musta” been something in the water that night!), giving Lon an opening to cruise, laying claim to the first place prize money.
One of the bright spots of the event was the play of Bill Wingrove, who had by far the most dubious distinction of facing the three highest rated tournament entries but claimed 1½ points  in scalps tying Noel Bedy for the under 1600 prize money. For his efforts he  garnering a whopping 67 rating points, took home a share of the under 1600 prize  money and put the top players on notice that he was no longer the “easy mark” they counted on….Nice Job, Bill!
The marvelous thing about this month’s event was that the eight member field competed without five time champion Alan Gregg, who was away doing battle with his fellow Brits at the 105th British Chess Championships (Please view his games in the member’s section of Chess Chatter.) who is one of the “usual suspects” in most PHCC events, but represented the club in remarkable fashion scoring in the top 15!
One of the fortunate circumstances occurred when Avery Jones, due to an internet issue, failed to register in time to be eligible for the event, but when fellow club member Niko Priouz showed up and wanted to play, citing similar technical issues, TD Lon Rutkofske acquiesced and reopened registration to permit both to participate.
This decision resulted in a smoothly run tournament with a plethora of positive tournament experiences for all, unless you were one of the top rated players!

New timeline for the 2019 PHCC Championships in the works for 50th anniversary celebration.  

Tournament Director, Lon Rutkofske has been working with Port Huron Recreation Department supervisor, Amanda Dickinson to ring in the new year with a completely new calendar format to kick off the PHCC’s 50th anniversary celebration.

In an effort to resolve the typical concerns revolving around a winter schedule for the customary PHCC Championships beginning in January, this year’s plan aims to resolve this by hosting the event in a 5 round Swiss format, to be held on a single weekend beginning with the first round slated for 7:00pm. on Thursday, January 13th and  the final four rounds (two each day with rounds at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.) on January 15th and 16th. The entire tournament will be held at our Palmer Park site and conclude with the awards ceremony following the completion of the final round on January 16th. Amanda’s recommendation of reserving the following weekend (January 22-23) as a back up is a testament to the continued willing support of the PH Recreation Department.

Please note the following changes in procedures for entering and exiting the PHCC on Thursdays!!!

The Palmer Park Recreation building has installed a new security system that was activated effective May 31, 2018. Now, when the building is not in operation when our meeting begins, all members of the PHCC must enter and exit from the West side door of our meeting room. This will be unlocked and the security system deactivated for our regular club meetings.



Club leaders will ensure there are reminders posted on the front doors each evening we meet, to reinforce these new procedures so that we can remain a valued program for the Port Huron Recreation Department.

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Lon Rutkofske   810-388-9219

Alan Gregg    810-679-3081 


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 Annual Dues for 2018:

Adult: $20.00; Under 19: $10

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