The Port Huron Chess Club meets Thursdays, except holidays, from 6:30-10:00 PM, at Palmer Park Recreation Center, 2829 Armour Street, (NE corner of Garfield  Street and Gratiot Aveā€¦1 mile North of the Blue Water Bridge) Port Huron, Michigan. Everyone is welcome. Founded in 1969 the PHCC offers instruction, casual play, nationally rated and locally related tournaments. Membership is not required to play on Thursdays, but is required for tournament play. Membership fees are $20/yr for adults; $10/yr for those under 19. The PHCC publishes a monthly newsletter, Chess Chatter, which is available on its website, or directly by contacting Lon Rutkofske at 810-388-9219. Learn to play, improve your game, or just come in to enjoy the camaraderie. The club has a number of highly rated players including two state champions if you might be interested in serious play or even private lessons. All equipment provided. Website: 

2829 Armour Street
Port Huron, Michigan 48060

Webb takes first place in May Double

RR Event

Austin Webb proved that he was just not another pretty face as he upended Lon in their playoff game to take the $15 cash prize and a ton of speed rating points. It took Josh Muir a tad longer as he notched a pair of wins in the playoff single game round robin against some pretty strong opposition to net his rating gain. Time was at a premium in this non-traditional round robin event, that turned into not being a real round robin as a number of unplayed games marred the final results aided by of some less than efficient  planning on the part of TD Lon Rutkofske. It appears that Lon was not the only competitor suffering from less than heady play, as none of the highest rated players escaped the ravishes of "blunder mania"!  Here is hoping that next month's G/90 USCF rated Mini-Swiss (See Calendar of Events for details!) will feature more satisfying games for all that participate!

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Chess Chatter 2017


 Annual Dues for 2017:

Adult: $20.00; Under 19: $10


Lon Rutkofske   810-388-9219

Alan Gregg    810-679-3081 


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