Matt Morabito  vs   ALan Gregg

                              Bill Wingrove   

                  Jaime Chan   vs   Dave Boucher

 Phil  Willard   vs    Michael Petty 

        Jaime Chan                        Lon Rutkofske

Rob Brown vs Bill Wingrove 

Chris Scholfield 2010 

Eager Chess Enthusiast: Marquez Elash -  Feb. 2011 

Noel Bedy plays in the 2011 Club Champs

2012 PHCC Gallery Pictures from top to bottom

1. Adam Nowiski

2. Adam Nowiski

3. Bob Fiedler

4. Dave Boucher (from Times Herald Article)

5. G. Avery Jones, our man from Sarnia

6. Gabe Ferguson

7. Gary Jablonski, new to the PHCC this year.

8. Steward Wilkinson, returned to PHCC after a long hiatus...since 1990.


Phil Willard vs Lon Rutkofske

Phil Willard vs Lon Rutkofske 

Alan Gregg Winning the Michigan Senior 2010 

Bob Duncan 

Bob Fiedler 

Newcomers to the PHCC: L to R are Carter Schrader,  Gabe Ferguson and Cullen Wiley  - Feb 2011

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